Hello, I'm Kellina, artist and owner of PineappleTeaCat. I'm a professional graphic designer but I love photography and art so I wanted a way to share my creations with the world, and hopefully make some money while I'm at it.

I've been drawing and taking pictures for as long as I can remember. I am mostly self-taught in art and photography but have learned a lot through trial and error (and also youtube).

My Creations

If you've already looked through my website (or followed me on social media) then you may have noticed that the style and content of my work is very random and completely dependent on my whims. This is intentional. Art and photography are my hobbies, so I create primarily for myself, and I love trying new styles and mediums (although I do have favorites that I will often return to).

Inspiration can come from anywhere and anything and I believe my work reflects that.


I love creating works of art with my camera. Sometimes I'll take a picture with a vision in mind of what it could be, other times I'll see something with potential and see what can be done.

Yes, I edit the pictures (some more than others). Photography is an art form and my artwork is rarely complete when I load it onto my computer.


With my art I generally prefer to work with either acrylic, watercolor, or digital mediums, but I LOVE to experiment, so I will often mix in other mediums as well. Most of my art lately is digital due to a lack of space, but I also love the versatility (and undo function) that comes with digital art.

Other Creations

I like to try new things. My previous graphic design job introduced me to screen printing, especially designing for screen printing, and I have had a lot of fun creating my own designs for shirts. I also like to work with modeling clay and have recently started experimenting with needle felting. I also sew occasionally and someday I might re-learn to knit and crochet.

My Shop

I started PineappleTeaCat when I was offered a spot in a craft fair to sell my photography prints.  I had a lot of fun at that first craft fair and I want to continue to participate in as many as I can. Around the same time I also launched my Patreon and Etsy store, as well as my social media accounts, which have been a great way for me to share my creations with a wider audience.

Since most of my creations are digital, I mostly only sell prints, sometimes original art can be found at craft fairs or art shows, but I get very emotionally attached to my art, so it's rare. Because my shop is almost exclusively prints, I have my own photo printer, so I can always check to make sure that each print meets my (very high) standards.

For anyone who's wondering about the name (I get asked a lot), pineapples, tea, and cats are three of my favorite things and... I may or may not have wanted an excuse to use the icon I used to use as my logo, plus I wanted something unique, so I decided that it worked.